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  • Step-by-Step Instruction

  • Layering and Mark-Making

  • Composition Discussions

  • Bonus: Values Exercise

  • Bonus: Protecting Your Artwork

  • 5.5+ Hours of Content

  • 22 Lessons

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Step-by-Step Instruction

Join me as we take each step in the creative process together. You’ll learn to loosen up and create marks. Plus, I’ll talk you through my thought process and explain why I put down marks and use colors where I do. You’ll find this guided portion of the training helpful in understanding how to build an abstract painting.

Loosen Up

Our first exercise together will be all about loosening up. I’ll share several ways to relax and enjoy the early stages of creating without stress.

Harmonize Colors

Why do some paintings look like the colors were meant to be together? As we dive into this exercise using acrylic paints, you’ll quickly learn how to harmonize your colors, leading you to create beautiful artwork.

Cheat Sheet

We’ll create a cheat sheet so that you can reference it while making art. This will help you with your composition as we work through a piece together.

Bright, Happy Colors

I’ll teach you my trick for keeping acrylic colors bright and cheerful. Mud is great sometimes, but not when you want colors that evoke happiness.


Values Exercise

Did you know that we see values before we see color? In this bonus exercise, you’ll learn how to build a painting that draws the viewer in using only the values scale.


Protecting Your Artwork

Now that you have created your masterpiece using acrylics and pencils/crayons, you’ll want to protect it from the elements. I’ll walk you through the steps and products I use to ensure the water-soluble marks don’t smear and the colors stay vivid for years to come.

Who is this course for?

Let's get creative together!

Hi, I'm Betty. It wasn't that long ago that I was working a 9-5 job in corporate America. When my weekend passion turned to creating, I spent hours trying to figure it all out. I would love to help you get there a bit faster by teaching you what I have learned through trial and error (mostly fun mistakes!). I have a love for creating abstract fields of flowers and I want to share that love with you. I'm a self-taught artist who started her creative journey late in life (50!), however, the timing was actually just right. After a long career in customer service management, I was ready to unleash my creative side. Combined with my love for helping others, I'll take you by the hand and walk you through the creative process. I hope you'll join me!


    1. Module 1: Hello & Welcome

    2. Module 2: Tools & Supplies

    3. Module 3: Your Voice, Your Why

    4. Module 4: Freedom in Mark Making

    5. Module 5: Cheat Sheet

    6. Module 6: Harmonizing: The Secret Behind Cohesive Paintings

    7. Module 7: Basic Color Wheel

    8. Module 8: Prepping Paper

    9. Module 9: Creating Your Foundation

    10. Module 10: No Mud Matters

    11. Module 11: Building Depth

    12. Module 12: Middle Stages

    13. Module 13: Adding Drips

    14. Module 14: Working through the Middle Stages

    15. Module 15: Finishing the Middle Stages

    16. Module 16: Pulling it all Together

    17. Module 17: The Icing on the Cake

    18. Module 18: Close Up Pics of Artwork

    19. Module 19: Composition & Handouts

    20. Module 20: Wrap Up & Challenge

    1. BONUS: Values Exercise

    2. BONUS: Protecting Your Artwork

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content
  • Facebook Community
  • Lifetime Access

Why creatives love this course

“You can't help but love Betty. She is sincere and knowledgable, fun and generous. I am an educated, experienced artist, and I loved this course. It is clear and concise. Betty is encouraging and has made it easy to watch and follow for any level. If you have any doubts about your own ability to produce art from your inner spirit, this is a beautiful path toward clearing them.”

Lynda L.

“Get the paint, take the course—you won’t be sorry! Betty walks you through her process step by step all the while giving you skills and tools to follow along. She is easy on the ears and fascinating to watch. I especially like to listen to her think out loud and work through “the uglies”. I came away with skills and encouragement to try some new things in my own work. If you are on the fence, jump in—you will not find a better value and enjoyable abstract class!”

Riley G.

“From start to finish I found the course very user-friendly, easy to navigate, with perfect lighting, pleasantly light and bright, and with good sound and a good, clear and focused view of her workspace, the piece that she's creating, and how she creates it. The way she walks "us" through the whole process is comprehensible, easy to understand, inspiring, and very thorough and insightful. The bonus videos are fantastic and very insightful and are a bonus in the real sense of the word; there's a lot to learn and experience from painting in just Black and White, very useful!”

Ellen V.

“This is the first course I’ve taken from Betty, though I’ve been following her on YouTube for over a year now. She teaches in a way that is relaxed, engaging and one can absorb all the information without feeling overwhelmed. This course packs in a ton of information about shape, form, color, uniformity, variety, mark making and much more. What I learned about color mixing and coordinating was a different approach than any way I’ve been taught to color mix before! It makes so much sense to me now. I can’t tell you how stoked I am to start practicing everything I learned from these classes! Oh... and the bonus classes! Sooo much great information too!”

Tuesday M.

“Fields of Flowers! Loved this new course from Betty. She’s such a gifted artist and teacher. My favorite part was the bonus video on values. Over an hour of painting in black and white and further exploring Fields of Flowers. I’ve done black and white paintings before, but this one resonated with me. I’d even recommend doing this video before jumping into color. Regardless, it was great to work step by step through the process, hearing Betty’s decisions for fixing "mistakes" and creating a stronger painting.”

Wendy F.


I break down every step to make it easy to follow along and build your confidence one brush stoke at a time.

  • Immediate access to 5.5+ hours of content with 22 lessons.

  • Step-by-step instruction from start to finish working on paper using acrylics, including layering, creating marks, harmonizing colors, values, and composition discussions.

  • 2 BONUS videos: we drill down on the importance of values in our painting and I show you how to protect your masterpiece for years to come.

  • A Facebook community that not only gives you a place to share your art, but to also ask questions and receive support in your artistic journey.

  • A self-paced course taught in English.

You'll have immediate access to start your creative journey with me.